Best real estate broker we've had! Great knowledge of the market. He is passionate, motivated and he has been really patient with us. Always present and made us laugh the whole time. Very nice experience.

Mélanie Ourique

Alex helped us buy a home. He is very patient and took the time to really tend to all our wants and needs. He took the time to visit multiple homes in a day. All were well scheduled with good timing. He answers text and calls very promptly too. We enjoyed being with Alex. He made us feel very comfortable. We trusted his judgment and expertise. He took interest as though he was shopping for his own home. We were overjoyed to have won a house that meets all our criteria. We can say that he has become a friend. You are in good hands!

Melissa Corsetti

A PLEASANT SALES EXPERIENCE, OUTSIDE CANADA !! We were outside of Canada and needed to sell our property. We were able to sell as if we were there, we had the support and confidence throughout the transaction, in addition to being a good negotiator :) Alex took care of everything! We were surprised by the feeling of lightness that we had throughout the transaction. Thank you Alex for your service A1 !!!

Nastassja Bertrand
Punta Cana

Alexandre is very diplomatic in his approach! He listened to our needs and gave us advice so that we had all the information we needed to make the biggest investment of our life! We recommend Alexandre with his eyes closed! Thank you Alexandre!

Reginald Mentor

Patience and kindness embodied! A gift for reading customers. It's so important not to feel like a transaction in a world where things happen so quickly ... Thank you Alexandre Barreira!

Valérie Chapdelaine

We did business with Alex! A very good real estate agent! Helped us enormously in our efforts following a difficult separation. Thanks for everything Alex! Mel

Mélanie Dumonlin